So I was watching scrubs 


"Since the child didn’t die, Foxy was still allowed to stay and the manager promised he would get someone to check on him. But since he doesn’t like spending money on things like that, he put on the ‘out of order’ sign on Foxy’s stage which stayed there for over 20 years now. 

I don’t understand why he still keeps Foxy though, all the children who would remember him are already too old to come here again. I wish he would just throw him out already.”

Petplay Jesse inspired by this awesome fanfic (warning for season 5 spoilers). And also tentacles.

I haven’t drawn him cry enough in this, hm…

The frexy trapped in a box post got over 100 notes

So I finished Breaking Bad 

And I want Jesse abuse

Seriously guys, if you ever want to get a cintiq but don’t have enough money for those or have other shit to pay for, just get a tablet pc. Research for the ones that have wacom technology pens like the Lenovo Thinkpads, get this on them and then just download the drawing programs you need.

Cintiqs are great and stuff but the price is fucking ridiculous.

Papa snakebutt and baby snakebutt

Breaking Bad dump while watching Breaking Bad. Finally got to season 5

Almos and Thalia’s kid, Desya. It’s actually from Zakhar which is why he’s a naga soo uh yeah.

Anyway he’s an adorable bby.

Anonymous asked:14. Something like a plant human thing? And maybe some purple + yellow? <3

This was more fun than I thought. You people like plant humans, don’t you?

J-Just because I made the ask blog doesn’t mean you have to unfollow this blog…

Five Nights at Freddy's dump »

Okay I didn’t want to do this but my inbox is a huge mess because of all the fnaf stuff and it’s getting a bit hard so uh how about we make all that question to the characters thing on this blog? I guess you could call it an ask blog. I might also post headcanons and stuff, I don’t know.

All my random scribbles and proper art and all that still will be here but I will reblog it there too I guess. 


Happy goretober! I wish I knew goretober was a thing earlier, then I would even try to do that gore everyday thing but ughr. 

I couldn’t think of a good background so yay, transparent!
Fucking Bonnie can’t control his damn dick.

Reblogging again because I’m kinda proud and want people to see

Anonymous asked:plz draw cepin! I love this guy, he's so... mushroomish... and cool. Give him some full colour detail painting please, I think he never had one? ;n; <3

Sure, I will draw him, hopefully later!

The very first drawing I did of him was a bit less messier and less of a scribble. But it’s very old so yeah a new pic would be pretty good. 

Anonymous asked:9. Cepin. THIS GUY NEEDS MORE ATTENTION ;___;

9. Write a few sentences as Cepin!



(On german keyboard the question mark is the same kay as the “ß”

Also oh god, Anon, were you the one from last time? The person who might have accidentally written Cepin’s name wrong? I’m so so sorry, I did think that you might have meant Cepin but I just couldn’t believe that somebody would care about my OC, especially one that I don’t even draw that often. Oh man I’m really happy right now, here, have all the Cepin, all of this little cutiepie)